Fall Student Research Colloquium Huge Success

English students presenting their projects at the Fall Colloquium.

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January 12, 2012

The English Department Student Research Colloquium highlights students' research in English Studies, provides students with the opportunity to talk about their work, and enables faculty and other students (and others) to learn what research English majors are doing in courses.

Students presented research projects for their fall courses as well as projects completed in earlier semesters. Some students presented projects still being developed. The Colloquium is an occasion for students to develop and refine their work.

The English Department Colloquium follows the same format as the all-University Research Expo which occurs every spring semester. Students were asked to use "posterboard" format. This format is not a formal, oral presentation from a podium to an audience. Rather students were given space for a display of text, visual aides such as charts, illustrations, multi-media, etc. This gave the student the opportunity for an intimate, informal discussion with those attending the event.

The next English Department Colloquium will be held Friday, April 13, 2012. Mark your calendars!

2011 Participants included:

  • Kristin Anderson, "Seeking a career as a place-bound English major" (ENG 480 Prescott)/"Aging with Atitude or Attitudes with Aging?" (ENG 311 Katz)
  • Kevin Beebe, "English Majors and Government Positions" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • Rachel Borgman, "The Scenic Route to Law School" (ENG 480 Prescott)/"All for Fun and Fun for All"
  • Rhea Breese, "'Cafe Cab': Springboard Competition" (ENG 480 Prescott)/"New Hyde - Screenplay" (ENG 407 Palakeel)
  • Stacy Brooks, "Can I Get Validated?" (ENG 472 Muzzillo)
  • Justin Brush, "The Art of Fan Fiction" (ENG 320 Burgauer)
  • Ericka Carbis, "English Majors in the Field of Human Resources" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • Philip Choong, "The Grad School Applicant's Journey" (ENG 480 Prescott)/"A Study in Sherlock" (ENG 495 Swafford)
  • Kathleen Clemens, "Which Reading Method Increases Comprehension?" (ENG 472 Muzzillo)
  • Kristen Davis, "Library and Information Sciences" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • Natalie Edwards, "On Mourning and Melancholia in Keats's "Ode to a Nightingale" and Shelley's "To a Skylark": Freud and Lacan on the 'Who' and 'What' of Loss." (ENG 495 Prescott)/"So You want to be an English Professor: Applying to Graduate School in English" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • Michelle Geltner, "How to Become a Literary Agent" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • Sarah Hallstein, "Obtaining an Entry-Level Job After Graduation in the Magazine Publishing Industry" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • John Hartzmark, "Metaphors For the Writing Process" (ENG 472 Muzzillo)
  • Kristin Henrichs, "Teaching Standard English as a Second Dialect: Solution to Grammar Worries?" (ENG 472 Muzzillo)/"He texts, She texts" (ENG 311 Katz)
  • Ivy Hillman, "Preparing to Become an Editor" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • John Hirka, "The Value of English in Medicine" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • Brittany Horton, "The Best of Both Worlds: Teaching Positions in America & South Korea" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • Lyra Johnson, "Talking to Tolkien" (ENG 472 Muzzillo)
  • Jacqueline Kelly, "Female Protagonists' Impact on Students" (ENG 472 Muzzillo)/"Is Speling Importent?" (ENG 312 Katz)
  • Kelly Lein, "Technological v. Oral Conversation" (ENG 311 Katz)
  • Alex McKenzie, "Does Student Choice Increase Student Comprehension?" (ENG 472 Muzzillo)/"The Shadow" (ENG 368 Katz)
  • Danielle McMillan, "Audience of Fairy Tales" (ENG 495 Jost)
  • Pricilla Merritt, "Can Performance Poetry be Used to Enhance Literacy?" (ENG 472 Muzzillo)
  • Heather O'Keefe, "MN:; Cumas agus neamhchumhachtach (Women; power & powerless)" (ENG 380 Moloney)
  • Kyle Orne, "Applying to Law School for LAS Majors" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • Sewak Rampersaud, "The Difference in Men's & Women's Portrayal in Pop Culture" (ENG 311 Katz)
  • Meghan Reft, "Teaching Film in English Classroom" (ENG 472 Muzzillo)
  • Candice Richards, "Project Springboard: Thefoodcents.com" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • Amy Shackelford, "Teaching Thematic Units" (ENG 472 Muzzillo)
  • Kate Singler, "Can You Hear Me Now?" (ENG 472 Muzzillo)
  • Darrian Thomas, "Becoming a Missionary" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • Matt Vargovcik, "Pursuing a Writing Career in the Music Industry" (ENG 480 Prescott)
  • Amanda Wenger, "Finding Entry-Level Jobs for English Majors in Metropolitan Areas" (ENG 480 Prescott)