Decision Analysis

The minor in Decision Analysis is designed to provide students with a solid foundation of mathematical and quantitative tools essential to sound decision-making. All areas of academic study such as sociology, psychology and health science may benefit from the application of analytical thought. Thus, this program assists students in all majors across campus in formulating optimal solutions to common problems they will encounter in their professional lives. Students enrolled in the Decision Analysis program will acquire the skills to critically evaluate alternative solutions to complex questions in an analytical and pragmatic manner. Upon graduation, these students will find themselves better prepared to assume responsible positions of authority and to perform their professional duties in a resourceful and productive manner.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses - 6 hrs.

  • QM 262 Quantitative Analysis I - 3 hrs.
  • QM 263 Quantitative Analysis II - 3 hrs.

Electives - 9 hrs. from Groups A and B

  • Group A Electives (choose two)
    • QM 260 Quantitative Methods in Finance - 3 hrs.
    • QM 326 Business Forecasting - 3 hrs.
    • QM 364 Decision Support Systems - 3 hrs.
    • QM 369 Topics in Quantitative Methods - 3 hrs.

  • Group B Electives (choose one)
    • ECO 319 Introduction to Econometrics - 3 hrs.
    • ECO 418 Mathematical Economics - 3 hrs.
    • MTG 341 Marketing Research I - 3 hrs.
    • M L 353 Operations Management in Organizations - 3 hrs.
    • QM 498 Independent Study in Quantitative Methods - 3 hrs.