Oktoberfest in Peoria

September 21, 2012

Today marks the opening day of the world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich! As luck would have it, Peoria also has a three-day celebration this weekend starting today. I invite you to join me for some historical facts about the Oktoberfest, German-American heritage, and maybe some lunch:

WHAT? Oktoberfest Peoria
WHY? To learn about the German-speaking world: the history of the Oktoberfest, German-American heritage, especially the Midwest, German food, to get Participation Credit if you have missed one class or are going to miss a class for personal reasons; fun outing, experiencing a foreign culture, bring your friends and/or family
WHERE? Riverfront Peoria (Map)
WHEN? Saturday (September 22, 2012) 
TIME? 1pm (we will meet at the Riverfront entrance where we pay the admission fee)
How much? $7 admission fee

Website: http://www.peoriagermans.net/oktoberfest.html