Students who studied a foreign language in high school or at another college or university and wish to continue to study the same language at Bradley University must take a departmental placement test before enrolling in a foreign language course. Students must register for coursework at the level of placement in order to receive credit for the language coursework. If they place at the 100 / 200-level, they must complete FL202 (fourth semester) in order to qualify for the B. A. degree. It may take them from one to four semesters depending on their placement. Students who test at the 300-level are required to complete only one course at the 300-level to qualify for the B. A. With the consent of the instructor, students may elect to take a course at a higher level than the indicated placement level if they are willing to do the extra work needed in order to complete the course requirements. Native speakers of foreign languages offered by the department are placed individually on the basis of the level of language competence in their native language.

Placement Tests

Foreign language placement tests (in French, German, or Spanish) are administered online. Please allow yourself up to 1 hour to take the exam.  For the password to the online link, please contact Brenda Peterburs at or 309-677-2500.

Prior to taking the placement exam, you will be asked to provide information about yourself and your previous foreign language study.  Please fill out the form completely.  If your form is incomplete, your score will NOT be released and you will NOT be able to enroll in a class.

The placement test should be taken as soon as possible, no later than one week before you are scheduled to register for classes during Early Registration. Otherwise, your foreign language registration will be delayed and you may not get the class you want. When exam has been completed, scores will then be submitted to Registrar's Office for posting to enable registration. Your placement score does not give you course credit; it only indicates at which level you should begin your studies. It is never to your advantage to begin at the 101 level if you are more advanced in your studies - you will simply have to take more courses to fulfill your language requirement. The 101 course is primarily for those students who have never taken the language before.



The following options outline ways in which foreign language credit may be earned at Bradley University:

  1. Complete a given course at Bradley with a grade of ‘D’ or better.
  2. Pre-approved coursework from another American college / university. Many colleges, especially community colleges, are no longer offering  courses that are equivalent to the foreign language courses that are offered at Bradley University. Before enrolling in any foreign language course at another college for transfer credit to Bradley, you must obtain transfer approval from Bradley's Department of Foreign Languages for that course.
  3. Receive up to 6 hours credit for Advanced Placement tests, which are given while the student is in high school.
    1. Students who receive the score of 3 on the AP language test are awarded 202 (2nd semester intermediate) credit and have satisfied the language requirement for the B. A. degree. Students who receive the score of 4 or 5 on the AP language test are awarded 303 (Composition) credit and have thereby satisfied the language requirement for the B.A. degree.
    2. Students who receive a 4 or 5 on the AP literature test will be given credit for FL 325 (Introduction to Literature) and have satisfied the language requirement for the B. A. degree. In addition, the General Education Human Values-Literacy requirement has also been satisfied.
  4. Receive 3 hours of transfer credit under the auspices of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Students who receive a passing score on the French, Spanish, or German CLEP examination, and who have not taken target language coursework at Bradley, are awarded 3 hours of elective credit and have satisfied the language requirement for the B. A. degree.
  5. Receive up to 3 hours of 202 level free elective credit for completing a second-semester intermediate American Sign Language course at an accredited college or university. Students who earn 3 hours of transfer-level credit have satisfied the language requirement for the B.A. degree.
  6. Receive 3 hours of transfer-level credit for receiving a passing grade for International Baccalaureate foreign language examinations. Students receive 3 hours FL 303 credit and have satisfied the B.A. language requirement.