Why Choose Foreign Languages?

The world languages and cultures program at Bradley University provides a strong foundation in the language, culture, history and literature of many countries. Our graduates use this knowledge – frequently combined with a complementary major in history, psychology, business, English or international studies to name the most popular – to go on to varied and fulfilling careers in areas such as international affairs, journalism, politics, teaching and translation.

As businesses, governments and economies become more closely linked through the process of globalization, a solid background in other languages and cultures becomes increasingly vital. Skills acquired by studying world languages and cultures at Bradley University, including language fluency, intercultural sensitivity and direct experience in the culture gained while studying abroad, will open doors in both the public and private spheres.

Many Fortune 500 companies, including Caterpillar here in Peoria, actively recruit individuals with world language skills and experience abroad. Moreover, given the increasing diversity of the American population and the presence of large numbers of people whose native language is not English, world language study is also an important asset for a variety of professions in the United States, including medical professionals, public relations managers and financial advisors.

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