About our Department

Since ancient Greece, history has been a central area of study. Without knowledge of history, we can understand neither the past nor the present. The professional historians at Bradley University encourage students to gain such understanding through careful analysis of written and visual sources, as well as through discussion and debate of the differing ways in which historians have tried to explain the past.

In keeping with the mission of Bradley’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the History Department aims to:

  • help individuals develop an awareness of the great issues facing humanity since its beginnings.
  • encourage students to be imaginative, critical, and intellectually curious individuals who will aspire to lifelong learning.
  • foster communicative, critical, and analytical abilities.
  • develop career interests and abilities appropriate to the needs of both students and society.
  • ensure that students of history bring their skills to bear for the good of society.

History students explore other places and times, and in the process they learn valuable skills that are essential for any professional career. These skills include research; critical reading and writing, conceptual and contextual thinking; the ability to make coherent, logical, and persuasive arguments; teamwork; leadership; and an appreciation and understanding of people from a wide variety of times and places. Majoring in history is excellent preparation for law school, business school, and other post-graduate professional schools and graduate programs.