Philip Jones

Associate Professor

Bradley Hall 336C
(309) 677-2397

Ph.D., History, Duke University


  • HIS 326 Military History
  • HIS 328 England and the American Revolution
  • HIS 345 History of England I
  • HIS 346 History of England II
  • HIS 385 Science, Technology, and Society
  • CIV 100 Western Civilization
  • CIV 102 Western Civilization 1600 to the Present
  • CIV 111/112 Honors Unified Western Civilization/English Composition


  • Western Civilization. Online textbook.
  • Military History of the West. Online textbook.
  • "The Bristol Bridge Riot and the Perception of the Crowd in the 18thCentury" in Journal of British Studies (December, 1980).
  • "Anti-Tank Doctrine in World War II" in Military Review (March, 1980).
  • Biographical articles on Lloyd Fredendall and Terry Allen in Dictionary of Military Biography (Greenwood Press, 1984). 
  • Many articles for a variety of reference works including Salem Press, Encyclopedia Britannica, and other reference publications.