From the Chair, Dr. John Williams

August 9, 2011

The year 2010-2011 has been great for the Department of History.

We are thankful for many things. Our excellent history majors and students from other disciplines persist in making our jobs exciting and rewarding. The department’s assistant and adjunct professors continue to bring great energy and creativity to their teaching and research. Brad Brown, Rusty Gates, Randy Kidd, Pat Ross, Amy Scott, and Áurea Toxqui are helping to make the Department of History an inspiring place for their students and colleagues. Gina Meeks is doing a fantastic job as the administrative assistant for both the Department of History and the Women’s Studies Program. Phil Jones continues to inspire his colleagues and students. Stacey Robertson earned a much-deserved promotion to full professor in the spring, based on her teaching, research, and administrative skills. Stacey and John Williams both had new books come out this year, and Amy Scott’s book will appear in the fall. (For more on these and the department’s other publications, see the “Faculty News” entry.) Last but not least, the department has hired two excellent young historians, John Bragg and Robert Hawkins, who will join us in fall 2011.