History Club 2012

Photo—back row, left to right: Dominic Vallosio, Charles McFarlin, Kyle Mathers, Karin Nelson, Pat Campion, Will Parkhurst. Front row: Amanda Skie, Allison Newman, and Taylor Soto.

May 3, 2012

Bradley History Club is an exciting and growing organization devoted to increasing the public understanding of history on Bradley's campus and the intellectual growth of its members. At our meetings, we often play history-related games, try to stump each other with trivia questions, and discuss current events and historical topics. In the past year, the club has hosted movie nights, study groups, road trips, and even a trivia booth at Late Night BU. Future plans for the club include a road trip to the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield and much, much more! The club accepts anyone with an interest in any field of history—you don’t have to be a major or a minor. The club is a great way to meet new friends!