Sara Melton: Outstanding Intern/Co-op of the Year for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

May 3, 2012

By: Dr. Aurea Toxqui

For a second year in a row, a History major has won the award of the Outstanding Intern/Co-op of the Year for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Her name is Sara Melton and she graduated in May as a secondary education major with a history concentration. On April 19th, she was recognized together with other four Outstanding Interns in a ceremony at the Alumni Center Ballroom. For the past two summers, Sara interned at the Wisconsin Badger Camp, a ten-week summer program for individuals with disabilities. Her work there was not easy at all. It implied primitive living conditions and moving every week into one of the three dorms of the camp, depending upon the number of campers she was assigned that week and their individual needs. Her days at camp lasted from 7 in the morning to around 11 at night depending on her campers’ sleep times. Working at this camp has been a life-changing experience. In her words, her internship at WBC has been “the most challenging and most rewarding experience of her life.” Sara was able to get to know her campers as human beings with beliefs, hopes, dreams, and perspectives about the world as any other human being of their age. Her internship helped her to develop skills and attitudes that will be very valuable in her teaching career. If you wonder what about her professional plans after this experience? Well, this experience has granted her the discovery of her true calling in life of working with individuals with disabilities. Even when at this moment, she recognizes with a mischievous look that she has applied to “every single school in the area” and is willing to take any full-time teaching job, “no restrictions.” If she is unable to get a job by the fall, she plans to return to Bradley and pursue a special education certificate. We wish her, the very best.

PS. If you are interested in reading her full story on the internship experience please visit the following website: