Congratulations to Alec Halsne and Rebecca Bartels

May 6, 2014

Alec Halsne receives LAS award for Outstanding Senior History Major

At the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences honors day celebration on April 29, graduating senior Alec Halsne received the annual award for Outstanding Senior History Major. In his four years at Bradley, Alec has made a great name for himself among both his professors and his peers. He is one of the most intellectually curious students that the History faculty have had the pleasure to teach. He is brilliant at analyzing texts of all kinds; and he is consistently active in our class discussions, always offering his views in clear, insightful, and unpretentious language.

Alec is also remarkably daring in his choice of research topics, never shying away from controversial themes of political strife, ethnicity, religion, and human rights. He has written papers with subject matter ranging from the Haitian Revolution to racial nationalism in 20th-century Europe, from the religious differences in the Scottish Enlightenment to the life of the Jewish Hungarian emigré movie actor Peter Lorre. In this work, his analyses are always both original and sophisticated.

Alec has decided to take up graduate study of French history during the 18th and 19th centuries. He is heading out West this summer and will start the graduate program at Arizona State University in the fall. All of us in the History Department are proud of Alec and wish him the very best. Congratulations!

 Senior HIS major Rebecca Bartels inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Hall of Fame

Rebecca Bartels was one of five students inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Hall of Fame on April 27. Phi Kappa Phi is one of the oldest and most prestigious national honors societies in the country.

Rebecca was a familiar presence in the History office as a work-study student and a research assistant for Dr. Kidd. She also had the honor of being selected as an intern by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to write articles highlighting activities within the college. She graduated in December, 2013 with a double major in English and History. She viewed these majors not simply as two different disciplines to be studied in tandem, but as fields of study that mutually shed light upon and strengthen each other.

The range of Rebecca’s research within her History major was impressive. She served as a research assistant to Dr. Kidd, investigating the history of the heart and blood. She also investigated the history of cultural views of the heart and blood; examined what we know of Shakespeare’s biography; explored historiographical debates on the quality of life in Britain during the Industrial Revolution; researched the experiences of U.S. women in the 1960s; and fashioned a senior seminar paper that made an original argument about how images of Marie-Antoinette have evolved over time.

Her strengths are not confined to the classroom. Rebecca put to good use her strong interpersonal skills, her sunny disposition, her ability as an attentive listener, and her superb communication skills in serving as an RA in Bradley’s residential life and as a guide to incoming freshman during orientation sessions.  It is clear that Rebecca Bartels exemplifies the values of Bradley. We are proud of her accomplishments and know that she will go far. Congratulations!