Dominic Vallosio Outstanding History Senior

Dr. John Williams, Dominic, and Dr. Amy Scott

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May 7, 2013

Introduction of Dominic Vallosio as Outstanding History Senior at Honors Day, April 25, 2013


by John Williams

Dominic grew up in Peoria, attended Illinois Central College for two years, and then transferred to Bradley in fall of 2011. Since then he has made a great name for himself among his professors and his fellow students. Dominic is one of the most intellectually curious students that the History faculty has seen in years. He is consistently active and engaged in our class discussions; and his analytical, research, and writing skills are second to none. He is remarkably daring in his choice of research topics, never shying away from controversial issues of political strife, human rights, and social justice. Yet he always remains open-minded in his analysis, something that is essential for good historical scholarship, yet rare to find in someone so young.

Dominic has been an important presence in the Bradley student body as well. He has served as president of both the History Club and the Bradley Skeptics Club; and he was the History Department’s representative to the LAS Dean’s Student Advisory Board. In addition to his History major, he is currently completing two minors, in International Studies and in Asian Studies. Dominic is planning to take the Foreign Service Exam in June; and he hopes to do some extensive travelling through Europe and/or Asia in the near future.

I will close with the words of Dr. Hyungju Hur, who is teaching Dominic in two classes on East Asian history this semester. Dr. Hur writes that, “In every respect, Dominic is the ideal student that teachers hope to have....I can imagine Dominic becoming an excellent scholar or a reliable journalist equipped with solid historical knowledge.  I would like to tell Dominic that I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to teach and learn from him at Bradley.” All of the History professors who have taught Dominic feel the same way; and we wish him the very best for the future.