Plagiarism is “the act of incorporating ideas, words, or specific substance of another, whether purchased, borrowed, or otherwise obtained, and submitting same to the University as one’s work to fulfill academic requirements without giving credit to the appropriate source. Plagiarism shall include but not be limited to a) submitting work, either in part or in whole, completed by another; b) omitting footnotes for ideas, statements, facts, or conclusions that belong to another; c) omitting quotation marks when quoting directly from another, whether it be a paragraph, sentence, or part thereof; d) close and lengthy paraphrasing of the writings of another; e) submitting another person’s artistic works, such as musical compositions, photographs, paintings, drawings, or sculptures; and f) submitting as one’s own work papers purchased from research companies.” 1

 In sum, there are essentially five types of plagiarism:

  • Written or creative work that is done in part or entirely by another person
  • Omission of footnotes for someone else’s ideas, statements, or facts
  • Omission of quotation marks when quoting someone else’s ideas, statements, or facts
  • Close paraphrasing of another person’s work
  • Submission of papers purchased from research companies.


To avoid plagiarism, you must give credit with a footnote whenever you use

  • another person's idea, opinion, or theory
  • any facts, statistics, graphs, drawings--any pieces of information--that are not common knowledge
  • quotations of another person's actual spoken or written words
  • paraphrase of another person's spoken or written words.

For examples on how to use footnotes check the following websites:


A grade of “zero” will be given for any form of plagiarism, or cheating, on written assignments or exams during the semester. According to the Student Handbook, “in the case of a student plagiarizing on a final research paper or project, a “F” shall also be assigned for the course grade.”2


2 Student Handbook, 2006-7, “Cheating and Plagiarism, 35.