The history faculty believes that students should view history as a study of human contributions from all parts of the world. For history majors, a curriculum is planned to provide an opportunity for more detailed study of human civilizations in Europe, the Americas, and the non-Western world. In addition to courses used to satisfy the general education requirements, history majors must complete a minimum of 30 hours of history credit, 24 of which must be above the 100 level and 15 of which must be above the 200 level. Students must achieve a minimum grade point average in courses in the major of no less than 2.0 in order to graduate.

History/Social Studies High School Education

Students desiring to earn a teaching license in Illinois complete a minimum of 33 hours of history credit. Majors also take a minimum of 21 hours of Social Studies courses, chosen from a range of options in the Psychology, Economics, Sociology, and Political Science departments. They also complete licensure requirements under the Department of Teacher Education (High School Education). Please download the specific course requirements for this major.

Department Brochure



This minor is designed for students who wish to pursue a coherent and balanced program of study of history, with equal emphasis upon United States, European, and non-Western history. Students from outside or inside the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences should find this concentration of study in a traditional humanities/social sciences discipline to be especially useful in preparing for law school, graduate work in library science, civil service employment, or museum and archival management. Students must achieve a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in courses in the minor for official designation as a minor.

History Major – Business Administration Minor

This program is for the student who wishes to combine a background in both history and business for the goal of immediate employment opportunities or entrance to an MBA program. In addition to the courses in history the minor requires 30 hours in the Foster College of Business in the following courses: ATG 157, 158; ECO 221/100, 222; QM 262, FIN 322, BLW 342, M L 350; and MTG 315. Students for the minor should also complete MTH 115. The dean of the Foster College of Business must approve students for the minor.