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On behalf of the Gamma-Beta Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national honor society in history, the Department of History awards the Yates History Scholarship annually on the basis of merit to an outstanding first-year history major. This scholarship was created in recognition of Louis A. R. Yates, founder and first faculty advisor to our local chapter of Phi Alpha Theta in 1949, who also served as department chair from 1952-1967. All current first-year history majors are considered for this award on the basis of GPA and finalists are invited to submit a writing sample.

Past Recipients (not awarded in every year)

2016 Jacob Halstead

2015 Shiva Lennon-Rios

2014 -

2013 Thomas Nealon

2012 Kali Humphrey

2011 Christopher Lukes

2010 Rebecca Bartels

2009 Aidan Killian

2008 -

2007 Rebecca Suhr

2006 Catherine Crosse

2005 Courtney Wiersema

2004 Matthew Reynolds

2003 Kaitlin Reif

2002 Justin Hesek

2001 -

2000 Robert Winston

1999 Jennifer Cline

1998 -

1997 -

1996 -

1995 Matthew Becht and Arnold Shober

1994 Elizabeth Thompson

1993 -

1992 -

1991 Mark Leach

1990 Carla Potter

1989 -

1988 -

1987 Robert Weiss

1986 Jennifer Siever and Cheryl Zalenski

1985 -

1984 -

1983 Gerald Pierson

1982 Jacqueline Kandyba

1981 -

1980 Joseph Bembenek

1979 -

1978 Craig Young

1977 -

1976 Barbara Dunsheath


Vita activa means the ideal of an engaged life. In the Renaissance, it was understood that virtuous citizens should be public-spirited and that the cultivation of knowledge would inspire participation in worldly affairs rather than withdrawal into a cloistered life of study, the vita contemplativa. Other notions of duty to the public good—the self-evident propriety of community-minded action by informed, humane, and conscientious selves, and the significance of recognizing and honoring such behavior—can be found in many societies around the world. A quick survey of the meaning of other overlapping terms (for example, agape, altruisme, praxis, ren, sadaqah, and ubuntu), reveals this widespread attention to the value of public service.

The Vita Activa Award is designed to recognize an outstanding senior History major at Bradley University who has not only achieved a high standard in the classroom but has a record of accomplishments in public history and extracurricular activities. The nature of these accomplishments will be varied and might include participation and office holding in student groups, volunteer activities, internships, public speaking, and presentations of research.

Each academic year the History Department will consider all history majors for this award and will solicit resumes and other appropriate materials. The award will not necessarily be granted every year. The award may be accompanied by a gift, but it is the recognition offered by the considered opinion of the faculty of history that constitutes the most significant honor we can bestow.

2016 Jenna Krukowski


The History Honor Student Award is the annual recognition of our most distinguished senior on the basis of excellence in academic achievement by the History Department faculty. All current history majors are considered for this award on the basis of GPA and finalists are invited to submit a writing sample, usually a research paper from an upper-division course or research seminar. Honor Students from all programs are customarily recognized at a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences reception.

2016    David Monahan

2015    Paris Bateman

2014    Alexander Halsne

2013    Dominic Vallosio

2012    Katherine Childs

2011    Rebecca Suhr

2010    Thomas Pearce

2009    Courtney Wiersema

2008    Nicholas Stefanski

2007    Katherine Hardy

2006    James Evans

2005    Christopher Kaergard

2004    Amber Degenhart

2003    Paul Thompson

2002    Arnold F. Shober

2001    Sarah Carey

2000    Kristine E. Miyata

1999    Matthew R. Becht

1998    Kerry Wynn

1998    Michelle M. Sterling

1997    Ann M. Piette

1996    Vincent M. Springer

1995    John L. Glover

1994    Leanne C. Fabrycki

1993    Bonnie Kokkinis

1992    Maris Gurdian-McCrea

1991    David R. Carey

1990    Terres M. Van Bibber

1989    Mary K. Hoppe


These scholarships—endowed by the generous support of former faculty, with the contributions of family and friends in the names of Bill and Millie Bowers, Les H. Brune, Charles Hosking, Max and Myrna Kele—are designed to help deserving students have an opportunity to succeed in their university studies and, perhaps in their turn, to support future generations.


Past Recipients

James Wolf

Alexander M. Halsne

Dana M. Fiebelkorn

Michael P. Wright

Hilary S. McGarigle


Past Recipients

Renee F. Miedlar

Kayla R. Doane

Jacob S. Ewing

Phillip M. Schneider

Jonathan A Kaplan

Megan D. Manna

Jennifer S. Leach

William L. Hauck 


Past Recipients

Samantha M. Weissman

Megan L. Ramlo

Robert S. Lugiai

Louis A. Gerchikov

Timothy E. Cech

Caitlyn G. McEvoy

William L. Hauck

Benjamin A. Cudia

James F. Baffa


Past Recipients in History

Maureen R. Oleskiewicz