Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department is to educate students for life-long learning and equip them for distinguished careers in industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering, and manufacturing engineering technology.

IMET Core Values

The Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering & Technology at Bradley University is committed the following core values:

  • Customer-Driven
    As a consumer-focused educational provider, our program offerings and course structures are based entirely on the internal and external demands of our constituencies. Through catering to the needs of internal constituencies such as our students and external constituencies such as federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporate companies, we ensure an ideally balanced curriculum. Further, we are conscious that our lectures reach not an audience, but a group of individual students, each with his or her specific interests and aspirations. Our varied programs and research opportunities allow students to pursue unique scholastic concentrations.
  • Global Understanding
    As a modern entity, we understand the magnitude of globalization’s effects on today’s economy. Our diverse and progressive department prepares our graduates to be competitive on a global scale.
  • Spirit of Entrepreneurship
    As a group of innovative leaders, we teach our students to become successful in any industry they may choose. Our emphasis on the spirit of entrepreneurship imparts to graduates management skills, the ability to be ingenious, and the motivation to capitalize on both opportunities and obstacles.
  • Community
    As a tightly woven community, we place great importance on respect, teamwork, communication, and cooperation. We encourage the development of lasting, professional relationships between students and faculty members through research projects and classroom interaction.
  • Adaptive Strategies
    As a dynamic organization, we harness the tools of improvisation and mold them to fit current situations. In a changing global environment and uncertain market, we believe the flexibility to re-evaluate, plan strategically, and adapt to varying circumstances is crucial to the success of our students.