Industrial Engineering Student Honored

February 27, 2013

Congratulations Ruth E. Weiner on being named a 2012-13 Outstanding Co-op/Intern of the Year Award Winner!

My first engineering experience took place at a small foundry. I started with no engineering experience other than what I had received in my first two years of engineering classes at Bradley. Due to the small size of the company, I was given challenging projects to complete. I immediately dove into projects that at the time were above my skill level, but I researched what I had not yet learned and made sure to acquire all the knowledge I could from the managers, foreman, and technicians. 

Eight months later I received an opportunity to intern with Caterpillar at their Marine Center of Excellence in Greenville, SC, and to apply the vast amount of knowledge I gained in my first internship. I did not have to think twice. I took their offer and moved 700 miles away from Bradley to work full time as a Manufacturing Engineer for a semester. 

It was one of the best decisions I ever made. When I walked into the Marine Center of Excellence, I realized that they had all the design software, testing equipment, and experienced engineers necessary. After what I had accomplished with the limited resources at the foundry, I decided to hold myself accountable to extremely high expectations and goals as this internship had a plethora of resources. 

During my internship at Caterpillar, I worked on determining whether an engine Leak Tester could be moved to a new location without creating false positive results due to the effect of temperature change on the air pressure within the engines. After I had experimented and collected data, I was able to determine that the Leak Tester could be moved as long as another quick step was added to the process. By relocating the Leak Tester and adding the new stop to the process, excess inventory was eliminated, excess transportation was decreased, and technician safety was improved. A second major project was organizing the Hot Test area, including the Harness and De-Harness sub areas. This was done in order to create detailed work instructions that included torque values for every connection and re-assembly after testing. Once the detailed work instructions were in place, I was able to propose an optimized process flow for the area. 

During my internship, my supervisor informed me that I had proven myself as an engineer. With his reassurance, I am more fully confident that I have the ability, knowledge, and experience to succeed in my engineering career. I am excited to graduate and apply what I have learned through my Bradley education and internship experiences.

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