Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Zzeedzzeedzz... That’s right! You just heard the sound of machine chatter! The Bradley University chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineering (SME) connects students with the most hands on of any Engineering discipline. SME is driven to fill the void of the extracurricular instruction to help students gain valuable training in CNC, Bridgeports, indicating, welding, and much more. It is designed to connect students with real jobs in the real world through the means of (but not limited to) hands on experience, tours, speakers, conferences, certifications, professionals, valuable coordinating and leadership experience, scholarships, and topping that off with job connections. SME is not exclusive to Manufacturing Engineers, Industrial Engineers will find just as much value. We look forward to having you a part of our culture and family.

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Faculty Advisor

Dr. Joseph Chen

Executive Board


Shelby Galatioto


Tyler Kauffman


Ryan Simpson


Mengyi (Mandy) Lu
Vice President


Grant Leenerts
Membership Chair