Department Summary

Bradley University’s Department of Interactive Media prepares its learners to be critical thinkers in a continually evolving field that requires interdisciplinary, theoretical, and application knowledge in the design, development, and production of interactive media.

Student Outcomes

The Department of Interactive Media at Bradley University maintains a strong focus on creative and conceptual problem solving in the authoring of material for aspiring new-media professionals within a sound theoretical framework. Students will learn the importance of content research and project planning while becoming familiar with aesthetic conventions and the production environment within each of the component media types. Interactive Media majors and minors incorporate the various media items into stand-alone projects with authoring tools designed for the Internet and modern media devices.

The Degree

Bradley’s Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts offers an undergraduate curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media. The Interactive Media program at Bradley University maintains a strong focus on creative and conceptual problem-solving in the creation of material for aspiring new-media professionals, within a sound theoretical framework. Interactive Media is text, audio, video, illustration, photography, and animation assembled in a non-linear, interactive format for delivery on the Internet, mobile networks, on digital media, or within informational kiosks and other presentation formats.


The newly redesigned Interactive Media Program has been created to meet the needs for graduates to succeed in the professional world today while forming the qualities in students that will enable them to have an adaptive career in the quickly changing world of interactive media. The first two years of coursework builds a solid foundation in time-based arts (video and digitally created), interactive media design, and interactive media development using a variety of software tools and equipment, and new-media theory. The remaining two years are focused on creating collaborative experiences with students working on teams similar to those found in industry. In these courses, students build advanced skills in specific areas of their choosing.

One highlight of the program is the design-oriented Advanced Interactive Media Authoring course (IM 413). Students in this capstone course focus on project design and development in the professional workspace and address problems and solutions of interactive authoring and human interface design. This course had lead to the creation of nationally awarded interactive performance and location-based interactive experiences.


Bradley Interactive Media students are a part of the internationally recognized Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts. Slane College students have access to exceptional facilities, labs, studios, stages, and technology in five different buildings. Located in the state-of-the-art Caterpillar Global Communications Center, Interactive Media students have a dedicated lab accessible 24 hours a day, software and hardware required for all coursework, and access to the specialized equipment via the service bureau.

Opportunities at Bradley

Outside the classroom, client/project-oriented experiences encourage strong portfolio building for students in the Interactive Media program. With internship placement programs in the dynamic local media base (including two of the nation's dominant stock art media organizations), undergraduate students acquire real-world experiences. Students may also work on faculty-administered interactive media grant programs, gaining professional experience as well as financial reward for their participation.

Beyond Bradley

Bradley Interactive Media graduates are prepared to succeed in a variety of professional environments, serving a variety of functions including:

  • Web Designer or Developer
  • Interactive Application Designer or Developer
  • Interactive Media Coordinator or Producer
  • Game Designer or Developer
  • Instructional designer
  • Media Consultant
  • Corporate communications specialist
  • 3D Animator
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • Interactive Entrepreneurs
  • Content Specialists