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Welcome to Bradley University’s Department of Interactive Media. The Department is composed of three distinct concentrations. Students have the ability to focus on one of three areas when they come to study at Bradley University’s nationally ranked department.

  • Animation and Visual Effects
  • Game Design
  • Web and Application Design

Students that graduate from the department are skilled practitioners that understand the theories underlying their production techniques. Our graduates work at top-tier companies; such as Disney Animation, Dreamworks Animation, Sony Computer Entertainment, Leo Burnett, Caterpillar, and other industry leaders.

Students gain mastery through a combination of experiential learning both in and out of the classroom. An active student body works to collaboratively create exciting interactive experiences as part of their course requirements and also through independent publishing and production efforts.

Small class sizes are a key component of our educational structure with close engagement with faculty and access to the tools needed for success.

Our program is rigorous, but does not have a portfolio requirement. We encourage all potential candidates to consider a visit to campus to learn more about what Bradley has to offer and why the Princeton Review and the Midwest Animation Review have highly ranked the department.

The Department Viewbook that is linked below provides excellent insight into past student experiences and shares some faculty perspectives, as well. You can also go directly to our admissions page to get more information about how to apply to Bradley and the Department.

Animation and Visual Effects

Scott Cavanah is the coordinator for the Animation and Visual Effects concentration. He is the Department's digital media specialist. His photography is exhibited regionally and he also shoots assignments for various publications and corporations.  His office is GCC 133A and he can be reached at spcavanah@bradley.edu.

Web And Application Design

Matt Nelson is the coordinator for the Web and Application Design concentration . Matt began teaching for the department in Spring 2011, during which he assisted with the creation of the media assets and interactive applications for Rock Show and America Live.  Matt is developing a national reputation for dynamic interactive productions. While working with The Iona Group, Matt helped to develop a large-scale real-time visualization for the Intel Corporation’s 2012 World Mobile Congress booth in Barcelona, Spain. His office is GCC 133C and he can be reached at mnelson2@bradley.edu

Game Design

Dr. Monica McGill is the coordinator for the Game Design concentration. She teaches game design and development and has researched game degree programs at universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. She advises all Game design students at Bradley in both course selection as well as developing skills sought by the game industry through extracurricular activities. Dr. McGill can be found in GCC 133B and contacted at mmcgill@bradley.edu.