Guest Speakers

Spring 2017

  • Jacki Morie: Virtual Reality
  • Jenna Chalmers: GoldieBlox
  • Justin Restaino: Real-time Viz Artist, Riot Games
  • Jillian Styles: Illustrator
  • Mike Wikan: Retro Games Studio Art Director

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

  • Dan Brick: Lead Matte Painter, Dreamworks
  • Eric Johnson: Senior Technical Consultant at Solstice Mobile (Bradley IM Alumni)
  • David Wesley: Grammy-nominated composer for video games, film, and television
  • Chris Bennett: Game Designer in Residence at the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab

Fall 2015

  • Benjamin Rosenbaum: Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Gov't of the District of Columbia
  • JJ Geiger: CBS TV (editor) (Bradley IM Alumni)
  • Matt Vroman: Technical Designer at f84 Games
  • Ron Douchet: Animation Director at Copernicus Studios Inc.