IM 115 Final Projects Fall 2009 - Robots in Action

July 2, 2010

The first offering of IM 115, Introduction to Interactive Media Development, recently concluded. Fourteen students completed the course that taught introductory programming skills and introductory production skills. The course provides students with opportunities to work with a future medium, robots. The robots are small and have the capability for movement and for media functions like taking pictures and making sounds that are pre-programmed by the students.

Students came up with their own project ideas during the semester. The first project required students to work individually to create a production with one robot. The second project required students to work in a team of two to create a production with two more robots. Both projects required creativity, interactivity, and the use of robot sensors to detect and move around a specified area.

Videos of the final projects have been uploaded onto youtube. You can view them here:

Nick Viera and Kristen DeRosier:

Matt Vroman and Chris Nagel:

Alex Miner:

Joe Dawson and Jacob Cuevas:

Elisa Lopez and Lexa Lemanski:

Chris Miller:

David Cuculich and Jon Freund: