DreamWorks Job Comes True for IM Alumna Renae Radford

November 30, 2010

By: Melissa McGuire

Another Slane College of Communication and Fine Art's alum has added "Shrek" to her achievements.  While Eric Petersen '03 plays the lovable green Ogre on Broadway, Renae Radford '06 took a leading role in a recent Shrek television production.

Radford, a Multimedia (now Department of Interactive Media) grad, served a pivotal role on a recent DreamWorks project called "Scared Shrekless", which appeared on NBC on October 28 and 30.

In celebration of Halloween, "Scared Shrekless" is a 30-minute television special in which Shrek challenges his gang to spend the night in Lord Farquaad's haunted castle to see who can stay in the spooky palace the longest.

Radford landed a position at DreamWorks when she was just a first-year graduate student at the University of Southern California.  As central production coordinator and the story/editorial coordinator for "Scared Shrekless," Radford found working behind the scenes on the animated film very rewarding.

"When you finish a project and see your film in the theater or on television for the first time it is an amazing feeling and it makes you proud to have worked on that project," Radford said. "At DreamWorks you are exposed to some of the best people in animation from around the world. The people in production are some of the hardest working people on a film and without them getting a feature created would not be possible. "

Radford said her Bradley education has been helpful during her career at DreamWorks.

"Having a background in multimedia I understand how the various components of our studio's feature film work expands into the greater media landscape that is out there in the world today," said Radford. "Of course, also having some training in animation at Bradley helped me realize that I wanted to further my education in animation so that I could one day end up at a major animation studio.

Radford's accomplishments don't stop at "Scared Shrekless". She is working now as modeling and surfacing coordinator for another animated film, to be released next November. She was also nominated for her thesis film, "Entanglement", at the 2010 Clearwater Film Fest in Florida.