Diana Hughes, Class of 2006, earns MFA in Video Game Design from USC

July 1, 2010

Diana Hughes, Multimedia Class of 2006 (Honors College), graduated this spring from Univeristy of Southern California's prestigious Interactive Media Division http://interactive.usc.edu, with an MFA concentration in video game design and development.  Her thesis project, Pluff http://www.dihughes.com/pluff, was featured at June's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), a major trade show for the computer and video games industry.  

Pluff has been picked up by a team from USC, UCLA, and Vanderbilt University, and will be used as the basis to develop games for children with autism spectrum disorders.  Diana will serve as creative director and technical advisor on the project, which begins with a pilot study in September and will continue into a 3-5 year funded study.  She has also accepted a position with a studio (announcement later) as a designer for an as yet unannounced PSP title.