WAR Council Lets Student Voices Be Heard

March 4, 2014

The students of the Interactive Media Department want their voices to be heard. That is exactly what they got Friday, courtesy of the Interactive Media WAR Council.

The WAR Council is a group of volunteer students tasked with hearing the concerns of the students in the interactive media department and bringing them directly to Jim Ferolo, Chair, and the rest of the faculty. An assortment of students, with different concentrations and grade levels, all meet together weekly to discuss the state of the department, curriculum, professors and technology. They organize the concerns brought to them by the student body as well as by the representatives of the council themselves, and meet monthly with the department chair, James Ferolo, to help evolve the department to better suit the needs of students and professors alike.

February 28th the council took to the weekly practicum where they held an “open assembly”, where all of the students are given the opportunity to speak up about what they believe could be improved about the department.

“The hardest part is to get them talking,” said Sophomore Alex Jagim, Vice President of the WAR Council. “Once we got the ball rolling, things went really well.”

“A lot of students have really great ideas,” said Jess Marder, graduating senior, “giving them a new platform to voice these ideas is a great way for the department to improve moving forward.”

A newly formed group, the WAR Council works closely with both students and faculty to ensure the Interactive Media Department is constantly improving the experience for students.  “We are just doing the best we can to let the voice of the students be heard,” says Jagim.

The WAR Council will have another open assembly later in the semester.  Interested students can email Anson Goode for more information.

-Anson W. Goode Jr.