Student Organizations

Digital Arts Team at Bradley University

Caterpillar Global Communications Center, Room 205

Meeting Times: Mondays from 8-9pm in GCC 205

Board Members:
Eric Eisele - President
Hannah Stiff - Vice President
Karalyse Hagen - Treasurer/Social Media
Sierra Doss - Secretary
Quinn Weber - Social Media
Scott Cavanah - Advisor

Purpose of organization:

  1. We exist to create interaction and communication between artists at Bradley University
  2. We exist to provide graphic services (i.e. posters, promotional material, websites) to other on-campus organizations at Bradley
  3. We exist to give digital and computer art majors a way to sharpen skills, ask questions, and build a portfolio outside of class assignments

Video Game Narrative Club

Caterpillar Global Communications Center, Room 213

Meeting TimesFridays from 4-5pm in GCC 213

Board Members:
Joseph Lax - President
Kelly Sofian - Vice President
Audrey Simmons - Secretary
Andrew Noetzel - Activities Director/Treasurer
Ethan Ham - Advisor

Purpose: To help each other in the creation of better narratives for games.

Game Design Club

Caterpillar Global Communications Center, Room 213

Meeting Times: Fridays 5pm-7pm 

Board Members:
Kelly Sofian - President
Zachary Abbott - Vice President
Joshua Estill - Web Master
Kevin Coyne - Secretary
Andrew Noetzel - Activities Coordinator
Ethan Ham - Advisor

Purpose: The purpose of VGDC is to gather people with an interest in making video games together, and to help enable them to accomplish that goal through a supply of resources, education, and structure similar to that of a professional video game development studio. The end goal every year is to make at least one finished video game.

User Interface and User Experience Design Club

Caterpillar Global Communications Center, Room 103 

Meeting Times: Wednesday 6pm – 7pm

Board Members:
Elizabeth Perkins – President
Malcolm Ivy – Vice President
Andrew Noetzel – Secretary
Levi Schoof – Treasurer 

Purpose:  Our purpose is to bring design to Bradley by holding portfolio critique sessions, networking with other teams, and becoming the hub for user experience design opportunities.