IS students visit John Marshall Law School, Canadian Consulate in Chicago

June 2, 2011

Five international studies majors recently traveled to Chicago to visit the John Marshall Law School and the city’s Canadian Consulate.

Senior Laura Hill said she appreciated the opportunity to see what goes into making an international-based organization thrive.

“Visiting the Consulate General of Canada in Chicago was the most interesting part of the trip for me,” Hill said. “I went simply curious to see what a consulate does in the first place and ended up being blown away by the entire experience. Other than the interesting tidbits of information I learned about Canada, I found the idea of a consulate itself quite fascinating.”

The trip itself was organized by Bradley alum Mark Wojcik, who is a professor at John Marshall Law School. Hill said it was inspiring to see a fellow Brave in a successful position at a law school.

“We were so fortunate to have Professor Mark Wojcik invite us to Chicago for this experience,” Hill said. “Despite his busy schedule, he was kind enough to guide our group through the city and then lead a private class for us on some of the basics of international law.”

The International Affairs Organization is already in the midst of planning another trip to the John Marshall Law School, something Professor Wojcik hopes continues in the future.

Dr. Charles Bukowski, director of the Institute of International Studies, offered his perspective on the trip and experience for the students.

“The trip brought together everything we feel is special about our program,” Bukowski said. “We’re a small program with a lot of alumni that are very good about staying in touch. I think it is that link between past students and present students that really allows things to happen.”

Bukowski said future excursions could include students from outside the international studies major.

“This may happen again in the fall with greater participation,” Bukowski said. “The pre-law club may get involved and the pre-law center will definitely get involved so there may be something similar to this trip with a dozen or more students who aren’t in international studies.”

Hill was very satisfied with her experience and also encouraged other students within her major to look into the trip.

“For anyone within my major, seeing firsthand what goes on behind the scenes of an internationally focused organization is as good as it gets,” Hill said.