Featured Alumni

Lacretia Dye, Ph.D., LPCC, NCC, PSC

Degree/Graduation year: B.A. in Psychology and Spanish, 1997, M.A. in Community Agency Counseling, 2001
Current Employer: Western Kentucky University
Title: Assistant Professor of Counseling and Student Affairs

Following her Bradley degrees, Lacretia Dye pursued a Ph.D. in Counselor Education from Western Michigan University in 2012. Dye believes in a unique and balanced approach to wellness. She is a licensed professional clinical counselor in Kentucky. She has worked with children and adults for more than 15 years, combining counseling and yoga/meditation techniques that encourage an integrative health. 

She is a certified YogaCalm instructor and trainer and is also a RYT 200 adult yoga instructor. Dye enjoys giving workshops with parents, teachers, and school counselors in hopes to enrich the lives of children, families, and communities.  

Lt. Col. Edith O’Bryan

Degree/Graduation year: M.A. in Human Service Administration, 2000
Current Employer: Illinois Air National Guard
Title: Commander of the 182nd Logistics Readiness Squadron, 182nd’s Airlift Wing, Peoria Air National Guard Base

As commander, she leads more than 120 reservist and full-time Illinois Air National Guardsmen. She established and owns LINE-X with her husband. The company has a co-op with Limestone High School students for a work-study program.

O’Bryan is a member of the National Guard Association of Illinois and served as a board member and director. She is also a member of the National Guard Association of the United States, the Reserved Officers Association and the Academy of Military Science Alumni Association as well as an active member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.  

She volunteers time and financial support to the South Side Mission, Relay for Life and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, in addition to being a member of the American Legion Post 323 and tutoring children. Lt. Col. O’Bryan also has an extensive education, award and promotion background.

Kathleen Corso

Degree/Graduation year: M.A. in Community Agency Counseling, 1998
Current Employer: Unity Point Health Methodist’s Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well initiative, Peoria Heights Farm Market
Title: Project Manager

At Unity Point Health Methodist, Corso works on project design and management of the Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well initiative. The program focuses on combining the best practices in nutrition science and strategies for healthy eating to motivate permanent behavioral change in patients.

She also is the co-manager of the Peoria Heights Farm Market and was the owner and manager of Crow Creek Farm.  Corso is a current member of the Central Illinois Sustainable Farming Network.  Previously, Corso was the executive director for the Cancer Center for Healthy Living and also a program coordinator for the American Cancer Society.

Christine Dittmer Glanert

Christine Dittmer GlanertDegree/Graduation year: M.A., Leadership in Human Development Counseling, 2006
Current Employer: Springfield Vet Center, Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Title: Readjustment Counseling Therapist

Bradley allowed me to have the freedom of focusing on combat-related post traumatic stress disorder, which was a large influence in being hired by the Department of Veterans Affairs within eight months of my graduation date. The professors at Bradley allowed me to pursue my goals and I was able to apply my passion of working with veterans to the diverse courses within the master's degree program.

I find helping veterans and their families incredibly rewarding, and I am thankful for my job every day. It is a true honor to work with combat veterans and I take great pride in my work toward assisting them in their transition home to civilian life.  I enjoy attending military events throughout the community and seeing the great pride that local veterans have for one another and their country. I love the diversity of my work, which consists of combat veterans from World War II to our current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bradley taught me the importance of professionalism and strength of ethics, which helps push me to become a better therapist and team player every day. I look forward to many more years of work with veterans and I feel that I am in this position due to the support that I had while attending Bradley University.

Julie Siebert

Julie SiebertDegree/Graduation year: M.A., Leadership in Human Service Administration, 2007
Current Employer: Children’s Home Association of Illinois
Title: Program Development Specialist

Bradley’s ELH department offered me the flexibility to work through the master’s program at my own pace. I was able to continue working full-time while taking advantage of Bradley’s evening courses and online classes. The set-up is great for working professionals!

Every course included a project that involved reaching into the community. Those projects helped us learn more about the agencies in the local area, network with other professionals and apply what we were learning to real situations.

In addition to my position at the Children’s Home Association of Illinois, I have the pleasure of teaching grant writing at Bradley. I took the course as a student and am honored to share my current experiences with new students. I continue to enhance the course, change assignments and incorporate student feedback to make it relevant to today's grant writing requirements. Like me, all the faculty and staff in the ELH department bring real world experience to the classroom.

Charlie Roy

Degree/Graduation year: M.A., Educational Administration, 2005
Current Employer: Villanova Preparatory Catholic High School, Ojai, CA
Title: President

Bradley’s educational administration program provided me with a solid foundation for the challenges I face as a school leader. The program focused on the role of the leader as advancing the school's mission by building a collaborative vision.

It was a blessing to work with so many talented professors whom I enjoy staying in contact with and consider my mentors. They pushed me to examine my beliefs about teaching, learning, and leadership. This led to a great deal of growth professionally, but also personally. Dr. Hatfield challenged my acquired attitudes and beliefs regarding poverty in Social and Legal Change. Dr. Risen provided a wealth of practical knowledge regarding school law, finance, and the principalship in general. Dr. Tripses’ courses on leadership theory helped me develop my own leadership style. Dr. Bob Davison-Aviles was a great influence and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in his course. Statistics and research with Dr. Skaggs was an extremely valuable course as well.

Effective leadership revolves around authenticity, courage, and shared vision. Organizations deserve leaders who authentically believe in the vision and mission of the school. I credit Bradley’s ELH School Leadership Program for helping me become that kind of leader.

Dr. Teah L. Moore

Degree/Graduation year: M.A., Human Development Counseling, 2003
Ph.D., Counselor Education and Counseling 2006, Idaho State University
Current Employer: Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, GA
Title: Assistant Professor, Coordinator for Clinical and Field Experiences

My development as a counselor while attending Bradley University focused on knowing myself, my beliefs, and my own boundaries. Boundaries can be powerful in building healthy relationships, both personal and professional.

After my Bradley experience, I'm willing to share, am less intimidated by others, and have garnered leadership opportunities. In fact, I now teach some of the courses that I enjoyed as a student at Bradley, and I am the advisor for the Honor Society. These achievements reflect the positive impact the Bradley faculty had on me.

I encourage ELH students of today and tomorrow to work closely with their professors, take the initiative to do more than the minimum, seek out opportunities to develop professionally, and most importantly—practice self-care.