About our Department

The Department of Mathematics consists of 13 full-time faculty members supplemented by additional part-time faculty and staff. All of our faculty teach courses within the major. Our faculty are active in scholarly research and engage in service to the university.

Mission Statement 

  • To promote excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship in the mathematical sciences.
  • To prepare students for productive lives as citizens, professionals, and mathematical scientists by providing appropriate foundations via general education, beginning and advanced courses in the mathematical sciences, and by other academic support.
  • To maintain and promote a shared commitment to and vision of the mathematical sciences.

The department offers three programs for students interested in mathematics: actuarial science, mathematics for secondary school teaching, and the traditional mathematics major. In addition, we have a minor in mathematics.

Classes are small; introductory class enrollment is about 35 students per section, and upper-level enrollments are typically under 20. We are a student-friendly department. Our students receive individual attention from both faculty and staff.

Research Interests in the BU Mathematics Department

Lori Alvin: dynamical systems, topological dynamics, symbolic dynamics

Tony Bedenikovic: low-dimensional topology, group theory

Tom Carty: differential equations, fluid flow mechanics

Herb Kasube: history of mathematics, algebraic number theory

Michael Lang: algebraic combinatorics

Mike McAsey: applied mathematics, operator theory

Libin Mou: applied mathematics

Ollie Nanyes: knot theory, applied mathematics

David Quigg: probability and statistics

Mat Timm: low-dimensional topology, group theory

Larry Xue: associative ring theory

Selma Yildirim: partial differential equations, stochastic processes

Turkay Yolcu: analysis, probability, partial differential equations, calculus of variations