Featured Alumni

Dr. Cynthia McCabe

Dr. Cynthia McCabeDegree/Year: B.S., Mathematics/B.S.E.E., Electrical Engineering, 1992
Current Employer: University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Title: Professor of mathematics and chair of the mathematical sciences department

I always enjoyed mathematics in school. When I came to Bradley, I started in engineering, but I continued to enjoy my mathematics classes. I added a math minor, and after encouragement from my math professors and the honors program director, I added a math major. By the time I graduated, I knew I wanted to go to graduate school in mathematics and become a professor. What I enjoy most about my work now is working with students who are eager to learn. I also have great colleagues who are focused on inspiring students to learn more mathematics.

My Bradley education helped me in more ways than I can count. The wide range of courses I took as part of my liberal education was great for broadening my horizons and giving me a better perspective on the world. The great musical education I received has carried through all my years since graduation, fulfilling my life at every turn. My mathematics studies, of course, prepared me well for graduate school and beyond. I learned a lot in my engineering classes, too, especially the value of teamwork. In my career, I try to emulate many of the professors I had at Bradley, who were all amazingly dedicated and engaged with their students. And I remember the wonderful friends I made while I was there. They all helped me see the world through different eyes, too.

My advice for current and future students of mathematics would be to just go for it! Work hard, make mistakes, ask lots of questions. Find new ways to study – both on your own and with others. Persistence and hard work can get you farther than you might think. Mathematics is a wonderfully diverse field and very rewarding.