Mary Jane Sterling


Bradley Hall 470
(309) 677-2498

M.S., University of New Hampshire


Mrs. Sterling teaches many of the courses required by students working toward their middle school mathematics endorsement as elementary education majors. She especially appreciates hearing from many of these students after they’ve been teaching for a few years; the anecdotes are not only good to hear but also useful when preparing to teach the “new crop” of prospective teachers. Mrs. Sterling always takes advantage of opportunities to “spread the word” about mathematics – presenting workshops to groups of current teachers, prospective teachers, retired-but-interested, and school-age children


  • 1966 – 1978 High school and junior high school, Pontiac Township High School and IVC Unit District (Chillicothe)
  • 1979 – present Bradley University


Author of several “For Dummies” books and workbooks. Working on material for a textbook involving elementary linear programming. 


Serving on Science 101 committee. Present regularly at ILR (Learning in Retirement). Advisor to Bradley Circle K.