Faculty updates

August 2, 2011

After spending last year as associate dean of the Graduate School, Alberto Delgado, one of our faculty members, has been named interim dean of the Graduate School. Although his talent and enthusiasm will be missed in the classroom, this opportunity will allow Dr. Delgado to have an impact on a different scale in the University.

Shortly after accepting a position in our department in the spring of 2010, Christopher Mooney elected to complete his three-year post doc at the University of Michigan. He will begin his duties at Bradley this August and we are looking forward to his ideas and insights in both teaching and research.

Last academic year’s Visiting Assistant Professor Colin McKinney will join the faculty of Wabash College in August 2011. Dr. McKinney has been an enthusiastic and valued member of our department this past year and we wish him well in his new tenure track position.