Who is the department chairperson?
Dr. Mat Timm
What classes are going to be offered in the fall/spring/summer?
Schedule of Classes 

What are the requirements for a math major/minor?
Undergraduate Catalogue

How do I get unencumbered?
See your advisor in myBU 

Who is my advisor?
See myBU

Where do I find my Placement Test Score? Contact the Registrar’s Office.
What about tutoring?
The Learning Assistance Program, Library 3rd Floor, has an extensive tutoring program. Visit the Library, or go to:
Center for Learning Assistance
Tutorial Services
What are the required calculators?
Check with the individual instructors, but, in general, the following calculators are allowed in classes:

  • MTH115-116                        TI83, TI85, TI85, TI86
  • MTH 121, 122, 223                TI89, TI92, Voyage 200

When is my final exam?