Why Choose Math?

  • Bradley offers three mathematics programs that provide both depth and breadth of mathematical areas. This better prepares you for your next step:  graduate school, industry, teaching, etc.
  • Mathematics majors have easy access to their instructors and to their advisors. At least once each semester, students meet with their academic advisors to discuss academic progress and plans for their subsequent semesters to be sure that they are on track for a degree.
  • The Bradley mathematics faculty represents expertise in a wide range of mathematical areas. The faculty are active scholars and enthusiastic teachers.
  • The faculty teaching styles emphasize providing challenges and creating skills needed for future problem solving. 

Comments from our graduates

  • The faculty is responsive to the educational needs of their students.
  • The faculty advising is useful and the advisors are available and responsive. 
  • They are well-prepared by our programs for their futures.
  • They (actuarial students) have gained the confidence needed to pass exams and to be successful in the actuarial field.
  • They are happy with our program in general and are pleased with the class sizes. 
  • They appreciate having their advisor teaching many of the courses they take.
  • They find that the math program is challenging, but at the same time, the difficulty level is “just right.”
  • They benefit greatly from the social network that they built while at Bradley University and encourage current majors to seek out similar networks.
  • They find the instructors at BU to be “positive” and ready to answer students’ questions in class.
  • They appreciate the “informality” found here and feel it’s better to put students in situations in which relationships can develop naturally, rather than to try to orchestrate them directly.
  • They like the opportunities to attend colloquia and senior project presentations; they like being “included.”
  • They feel that the Bradley Experience provides a “well-rounded” experience. 
  • They appreciate the small class sizes and generous number of office hours.