Faculty Expertise

The Faculty of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Bradley University possess a wide-range of experimental and computational skills. Their individual areas of expertise are listed below.

Solid Mechanics/Mechanical Systems

  • Abou-Hanna - Materials Testing, Failure Analysis, Design, Elevated Temperature Design, Nano-Scale Experimental, Mechanics of Engineered Surfaces, Vehicle Mechanics, Impact Dynamics. 
  • Elbella - FEA, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Design and Analysis, Composite Materials, Optimization. 
  • Henderson - Upper extremity musculoskeletal biomechanics (measurement and mathematical modeling), Rehabilitation (assistive technology) Design
  • Johnson - Internal Combustion Engines, instrumentation & measurement, knowledge and skill in machining process such as waterjet and EDM cutting.
  • Kim - Fluid Power Control System, Digital and Analog Electronics, Dynamics, Vibrations, Instrumentation, MATLAB. 
  • Nair - FEA, CAD, Biomechanics, Tissue Engineering, Design of Medical Devices, Rapid Prototyping. 
  • Podlasek - Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Robotics, Energy Policy, Material Science, Biomedical Engineering. 
  • Reyer - Design, Optimization, Programming (all languages), Controls, Mechatronics, Robotics, Instrumentation, Sensors, Data Acquisition, MATLAB, Macros, LabView.
  • Timpe - Instrumentation, Materials Science, Tribology, Microelectromechanical systems, system dynamics

Thermal/Fluid Sciences

  • Fakheri - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Heat Transfer, Heat Exchangers, Experimental Heat Transfer, Queuing Theory, LabView, Fluent, Fortran. 
  • Mehta - Energy Management, HVAC, Instrumentation and Control Systems, Materials Science, Energy Systems. 
  • Morris - Aerodynamics, Design, Product and Process Development, Pressure-Sensitive Paint, Wind Tunnel Testing, Supersonic Flows, Bio-fluid Flows, Plastic Gear Testing, Fortran 
  • Vafaei - (to be submitted later)
  • Zietlow - Experimental Thermal Sciences, Optimization of Thermal Systems, Engineering Equation Solver, Two-phase flow, Influence of Thermal Systems on the Environment, HVAC, Heat Transfer, Nucleate Boiling