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Experience all of these advantages by becoming a Bradley University Mechanical Engineering Senior Project Client.

Senior Design Projects

The senior design activity at Bradley University is an intense engineering exercise that spans the fall and spring semesters of each mechanical engineering student's senior year. During this course sequence student teams are required to provide an engineering solution to a client's need. This student activity is intended to simulate the environment an engineer would experience in an industry setting. This usually means a team that is under-staffed, under-funded, and over-worked. We expect each student to deliver about 10-12 hours per week on the senior project. This represents approximately 1200 hours of engineering work per team and includes faculty guidance. The students are required to participate in a sequence of reporting activities, both written and oral. At least one of the oral presentations must be performed at the client's site. The client should also expect to receive all of the proposed deliverables. Default on the list of deliverables will result in a grade of incomplete for the course. The grade of incomplete will remain until all of the deliverables have been transferred.

In the past, projects have been sponsored by Caterpillar, John Deere, Visteon, Copeland, Siemens, Winzeler Gear, Boeing, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air Force Research Laboratory, among others. Students have already represented Bradley University by designing and building cars for the SAE Formula and Mini-Baja competitions. There have also been several projects sponsored by small local businesses, including several in the biomedical instrumentation field.

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