Introduction to Robots

Zachary Aldinger '17 is an intern for Genesis Systems Group of Davenport, Iowa, this summer. (Photo provided)

July 20, 2016

By Matt Hawkins

Biomedical engineering major Zachary Aldinger ’17 wanted a challenging summer internship. His first foray into robotics at a Davenport, Iowa-based robotics company provided the challenge and opened his eyes to new career possibilities.

Aldinger, an Aledo, Illinois, native, had little knowledge of robotics or welding, when he applied for an internship at robotic systems company Genesis Systems Group. However, he saw the internship as a valuable chance to explore a new engineering niche.

He took several applications courses through the business to learn robotics and welding. The new knowledge, coupled with foundations he learned in Bradley’s classrooms, enabled him to excel in the workplace.

Aldinger’s responsibilities carried beyond the company’s Quad Cities home base. He traveled to Wisconsin and other Iowa sites to set up systems and troubleshoot issues for clients.

“This has been the most hands-on internship I’ve done in college,” he said. “Even though I’m working in applications, I’ve worked with design engineers, electrical engineers and technicians who work on integrated systems. These experiences have made this the most beneficial learning experience.”

He credited Genesis Systems leadership for creating a culture that encouraged learning and constant self-improvement. Because he felt empowered to try challenging projects and build new skill sets, Aldinger discovered new career ventures to consider for his future.

“I’ve been able to overcome challenges and learn more about myself because the company took the time to teach me,” he said. “I appreciate how much they let interns experience and the educational opportunities they gave so I could gain practical knowledge.”