M.S.M.E. Program

The Mechanical Engineering program is designed to strengthen the ability of students to solve complex technological problems in a creative way by broadening students' knowledge, providing in-depth study in an area of concentration, and complementing theoretical study with relevant and significant research and/or design. Students will concentrate in either the mechanical systems design area or in the area of energy systems/thermosciences.  State-of-the-art research lab facilities and software packages are available in the areas of heat transfer, mechanical vibrations, solar energy, energy systems, computer aided design, robotics, and microprocessors.

Program Requirements

A total of 30 graduate credit hours is required to complete the Mechanical Engineering program. Students who choose the course-only option will be required to complete the 30 graduate credit hours through coursework only. Students who choose one of the two research options must complete the 30 hour requirement with at least 24 graduate credit hours of coursework and up to 6 graduate credit hours of research (i.e. ME 681/ME 682 research project or ME 699 thesis).

For all students, the total graduate credit hours must include one graduate mathematics course that must be approved by the student's advisor. Courses in statistics, numerical methods, and engineering analysis are applicable to this requirement.

Each student must demonstrate fundamental knowledge through either a Comprehensive Examination or Thesis Defense.

Each student must choose to focus on one specialty area out  of the following: Mechanical Systems Design, Thermal Sciences, or Applied Science.

For a more detailed explanation of the MSME program requirements, please see the Graduate Catalog.

Estimated Time to Complete the Program

Students carrying a full-time course load can reasonably expect to complete the program in one and one-half to two years.  Students carrying a part-time course load have up to a maximum of five years to complete the program.

Faculty Research Interests

Details about faculty and their research interests can be found here.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the requirements of the Graduate School, individuals seeking admission to the master's degree program in mechanical engineering should have the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering with an overall grade point average of 3.25/4.0.  Students with undergraduate degrees in related fields of science and engineering or those who do not meet the minimum grade point average requirement may be admitted to the program conditionally at the discretion of the department and the Graduate School.

Department Contact Information

Department Chair and Coordinator
Dr. Paul Mehta, (309) 677-2754, mehta@bradley.edu

Department Secretary
Gayle Deynzer, (309) 677-2711, gjd@bradley.edu