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Bradley University will continue on-campus, in-person classes for the spring 2021 semester with limited restrictions.

Management and Leadership

The management and leadership major prepares you to effectively get things done through team efforts.

Preparing You For Success

Management and leadership courses give you analytical, interpersonal and decision-making skills you need to excel as a team leader in the workplace. This knowledge helps you manage challenges of managing people, processes and products or services at the core of all organizations. You complete the degree with a professional capstone project in which you work with a local business or nonprofit.

By the time you graduate, your experiences may include:

  • Professional development and networking through the Society for Human Resource Management, Women in Business and Phi Chi Theta business fraternity
  • Mentoring relationships with faculty who are active in business development
  • Internships with organizations such as ConAgra, Caterpillar, American Red Cross, Maui Jim and OSF Health Care

Making Your Mark

M and L majors are valued in all business and nonprofit settings. In recent years, almost all M and L students found jobs within six months of graduation. They’re working at places such as Accenture, AT&T, Boeing and Motorola.

Major Requirements

Required Courses - 17 hrs.

  • M L 300: Environments of Organizations - 2 hrs.
  • *M L 353: Operations Management in Organizations - 3 hrs.
  • M L 356: Human Capital in Organizations - 3 hrs.
  • M L 357: Leading Organizations - 3 hrs.
  • M L 358: Managerial Decision Making - 3 hrs.
  • PSY 101: Principles of Psychology - 3 hrs.

*Course fulfills the FCB core quantitative skill building course.

Students may choose from a broad array of courses to satisfy their elective requirements, or they may choose one of the following concentrations: human resource management or business law.

Elective courses - 9 hrs.

At least 6 of 9 hours must be M L prefix. Remaining hours can be selected from the following:

  • ATG 268 - Business Ethics - 3 hrs.
  • BLW 345 - Law of Business - 3 hrs.
  • BLW 355 - Labor Management Relations - 3 hrs.
  • BLW 446 - Employment Law - 3 hrs.
  • ENT 280 - Entrepreneurial Creativity - 3 hrs.
  • ENT 382 - Entrepreneurial Startups - 3 hrs.
  • ENT 383 - Managing Entrepreneurial Growth - 3 hrs.
  • ENT 385 - Technology Entrepreneurial - 3 hrs.
  • ENT 386 - Social Entrepreneurial - 3 hrs.
  • MIS 272 - Business Analytics and Software Applications I - 3 hrs.
  • MIS 375 - Business Systems Analysis and Design - 3 hrs.
  • Other M L courses

Students must also complete Foster College's business core.