Student lands a trio of internships, takes all 3

July 9, 2013

By Elise Dismer ’13

When opportunity comes a-knocking, Bradley music business major Jacob Vizcarra ’14 rolls out the red carpet.

Vizcarra accepted internships at three different music entertainment companies — Hunnypot Unlimited, AtomFactory and W.F. Leopold — this summer and is now working in Los Angeles.

“I asked a few people for favors, not thinking that all three of them would pull through,” he said. “I didn’t want to let them down after they went to those lengths to help out: That’s what really motivated me to work for three internships.” 

Because Vizcarra made the connection with Hunnypot Unlimited while working at Bradley’s Brave Sounds concert featuring Racquel Rodriguez, he’s very thankful to Bradley.

“It’s important for students, faculty and prospective students to really look at what Bradley students are doing and to know how Bradley has allowed me to do all these great things,” he said.

While Vizcarra says his responsibilities as an intern include “a little bit of everything,” he most often manages social media: updating Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, videos, contacts for databases and creating fliers. For him, there’s never a dull day.

“In the entertainment industry, you have to have a lot of personality, Vizcarra said. “So finding the balance between personality and professionalism is very difficult because it really varies depending on who you’re talking to.”

While he’s paying out of pocket to be in California, Vizcarra says it’s worth it.

“Career-wise I’m meeting new people every day, making new connections, new relationships,” he said. “So when I graduate, I’ll have a lot more opportunities to find jobs.”

Of all the people he has met so far, Troy Carter, the personal manager to Lady Gaga and CEO of AtomFactory, has impressed him the most.

“This guy is amazing and he’s still very, very young,” he said. “He’s got a really fresh perspective of the industry.”

Overall, Vizcarra is very pleased with the experiences he’s gained through these internships and can’t wait to come back after graduation. Hollywood will be waiting.