Degree Programs

Admission to all undergraduate degree programs in music requires:

  • A minimum of four years experience in orchestra, band, chorus or private lessons.
  • A successful music audition. (Contact the chairperson of the Department of Music for an audition appointment.)
  • Students may select one of the following concentrations: music, music business, music composition, music education, or music performance


The following general requirements apply to all music majors and minors, and are taken from the Bradley University Undergraduate Catalog.

  • All full-time music majors must register for Recital Workshop (MUS 001) each semester of residence. Each student is expected to perform on this workshop at least once a semester or as determined by the applied music teacher.
  • All full-time music majors must participate in an assigned concert band, choir, or orchestra. String players may audition and perform with the Peoria Symphony Orchestra or the Knox-Galesburg Symphony but must continue to perform in the Bradley Symphony Orchestra.
  • All music majors should declare a major instrument or voice by the end of the fourth semester. A music minor must declare at the time of audition.
  • All music students must maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 in music courses during the first two years in order to achieve advanced standing. Junior-senior credit in the major applied area can be earned only after a student has achieved advanced standing. Music majors with additional majors may not be allowed to apply these courses as junior/senior hours. Students should consult with their advisor(s).
  • A "sophomore review" will be held during the spring semester of each student's sophomore year. At the beginning of the spring semester, each sophomore music major will be scheduled for a meeting with his or her advisor, the department chair, and other faculty members as required (e.g., private instructor, ensemble coach) for a review of the student's progress up to that time. The purpose of the review is to address any deficiencies that might impede the student's continued progress in his or her chosen field. Students will also have an opportunity to pose questions relevant to their academic programs at Bradley and their intended goals.

Music Major

Music at Bradley has a double mission: To prepare music students for successful careers as teachers or administrators in music; as professional performers; as composers; or as professionals in music related fields such as music business and to prepare both professional and general students who are not music majors for lifelong pleasure in music.

Music Business Major

Bradley's unique Music Business program offers students the opportunity to not only study music, but also prepare to enter the music business industry.


Music Performance prepares students for careers as performers but also as private lesson teachers, church musicians and other related careers.

Composition Major

Music Composition prepares students who have a strong interest in composing their own music.

Music Education Major

Music Education prepares students for a career as a public school teacher in general music, band, choir or orchestra.

Applied Music Lessons

Private lessons offered by the Department of Music are open to all University students but enrollment is limited to available staffing.

Music Minor

The Department of Music offers one minor in Music. Twenty-four hours are required for the minor.