Master of Science in Nursing - Nursing Administration

The 36-hour MSN in nursing administration prepares you to advance your career into health care leadership. You can enter the program with a BSN, ADN, diploma or as an RN with a non-nursing baccalaureate degree.

Preparing You For Success

You learn valuable heath care, management and leadership knowledge and skills in class, then you apply what you’ve learned through practicums. During practicums, you spend 300 hours in academic and health care settings with nurse manager or executive preceptors. Once you complete the degree, you can apply for executive or leadership certification through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) or American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE). The degree is designed to be completed in two years, though you have five years to complete it.

Your experiences include:

  • Networking and professional development opportunities in Illinois’ second-largest medical community
  • Two practicum experiences working with people such as a medical center’s chief nursing officer or a county health department’s director of nursing
  • A final thesis or capstone project

Making Your Mark

The degree opens the door to advancing into management in hospitals, emergency care, private medical practice, community health agencies and other settings. Recent graduates are in positions such as the dean of a nursing college and product management director for a national simulation company. Others may choose to earn a doctorate in nursing.

Graduate Program Requirements

Required Courses - 36 hrs.

  • ENC 510: Statistical Procedures – 3 hrs.
  • NUR 501: Nursing Theories: Analysis and Development - 3 hrs.
  • NUR 505: Leadership in the Health Care Delivery System - 3 hrs.
  • NUR 510: Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare - 3 hrs.
  • NUR 526: Evidence Based Practice - 3 hrs.
  • NUR 615: Health Informatics - 3 hrs.
  • NUR 630: Nursing Administration Theory I – 3 hrs.
  • NUR 631: Nursing Administration Practicum I – 3 hrs.
  • NUR 632: Nursing Administration Theory II – 3 hrs.
  • NUR 633: Nursing Administration Practicum II – 3 hrs.
  • NUR 640: Healthcare Policy - 3 hrs.
  • NUR 697: Capstone Project in Nursing - 3 hrs.
Program Outcomes