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Dress Code for Practicum

This code reflects professional student attire during practicum, while obtaining assignments, and while participating in other activities where the student is representing the Bradley University (BU) Department of Nursing.


  • Selected red BU uniform
  • Red warm up jacket optional
  • White lab coat optional
  • All white leather shoes and hose/socks
  • No patterned or inappropriate undergarments
  • BU name badge (worn above the waist) required
  • White BU long sleeve T-shirt (optional)
  • A short sleeve white T-shirt may be worn under the red scrub, but should not show below the red sleeve


  • Selected BU golf shirt with navy, black, or khaki pants (at least ankle length)
  • Dark shoes and socks/hose
  • Navy or black sweater optional
  • White lab coat required in certain settings
  • BU name badge (worn above the waist) required

Obtaining Assignment from Hospital

  • Nice dress or slacks (at least ankle length) /skirt with shirt
  • Shoes and hose/socks (no tennis shoes, open toed shoes, sandals, or flip flops)
  • White lab coat with BU name badge (worn above the waist)


  • No artificial nails or adornments
  • Natural nails extending no longer than 1⁄4 inch past fingertips
  • No nail polish, including gel or gel polish


  • Earrings limited to no more than two earrings per ear, stud style only (no cartilage hoops)
  • Wedding/engagement ring (except not in labor and delivery or surgery)
  • No body piercings that are visible including, but not limited to tongue, nose, and eyebrow
  • No bracelets or necklaces


  • Off face, neatly styled
  • Pulled back off collar if hangs below
  • Hair ornaments should be neutral in color

Facial Hair

  • Neatly trimmed mustaches and/or beards


  • Shirts need to be long enough to reveal no bare skin during expected activities.
  • Shoes should be limited to the closed toe type, therefore no sandals or flip flops.
  • Garments worn under the red golf shirt should be white and short sleeve and should not show below the red sleeve
  • Wear solid and appropriate underwear
  • Must conform to agency guidelines
  • Tattoos must be covered