Featured Alumni

David Anna

David Anna Degree/Year: B.A., Philosophy, 2004
Current Employer: Wyche, P.A. in Greenville, S.C.
Title: Attorney

I enrolled in an introductory philosophy class with Dr. Kelley my freshman year and really enjoyed the material and Dr. Kelley’s teaching method. I particularly liked how philosophy teaches critical thinking as well as logical thinking while it develops strong reading and writing skills. I currently work as a corporate transactional attorney and have found my philosophy studies to be very useful. With respect to my job, I most enjoy learning about a variety of businesses and working with different people.

My philosophy education has provided the most direct and clear benefits to my career. In addition, Bradley provides a diverse student body while maintaining an attractive student to teacher ratio that enables students to receive attention in class and also holds students accountable for the subject materials. I had a couple of independent studies directly with the teacher for a subject that was not in the curriculum and found these experiences very valuable.

Bradley continues to support me in my current endeavors. Aside from how the education and experiences I received and obtained while at Bradley, the alumni association offers many opportunities and networking events. The connections I made while at Bradley have been wonderful resources throughout my career thus far.

My advice for students considering a degree in philosophy is to take a class and if you enjoy it, then study philosophy. If a student studies a subject in which he or she is interested, that will serve him or her well in the short-term and long-term. In addition, I believe Bradley has a tremendous philosophy department with wonderful teachers, and studying philosophy will provide a variety of skills that can be useful in many careers.