Current courses include:

fulfillment of the minor is 15 credits, 3 of which may be taken in a student’s major outside Philosophy and Religious Studies.


course                                                                   Gen Ed/BCC

PHL 347 Ethics (required)                                              HP/HU

PHL 103 An Inquiry into Values                         HP/HU

RLS 101 Comparative Religion                            HP/HU

RLS 200 Contemp. Religion in the U.S.               HP/HU

RLS 300 Hebrew Bible/Old Testament               HP/HU, WC

RLS 302 New Testament                                     HP/HU, WC

RLS 305 Monasticism                                         HP

ATG 268 Business Ethics                              

BIO 505 Topics in Bioethics

BLW 342 Legal Environ. of Business

CJS 401 Ethics, Crime, and Criminal Justice

COM 330 Communication Law & Ethics

NUR 510 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare

PLS 207 Intro to Political Thought                                  HP


Note: Courses taken to meet the requirements of the Ethics Minor may not be used to fulfill requirements for either the major or the minor in Philosophy or Religious Studies.