Embracing Bradley University's vision and mission, the department conveys, produces, and applies political knowledge through outstanding teaching, research, and service.


The department’s central purpose is to provide an exceptional educational experience that prepares undergraduate students for successful careers in government, law, business, and education. As an essential part of the liberal arts education, the department strives to convey to politically interested students substantive knowledge about politics and society at all levels, and to develop the skills necessary for them to understand and analyze political phenomena in a changing world. Successful achievement of these goals requires a comprehensive program of instruction across the disciplinary fields of American government and politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory. Whether majoring in political science for an in-depth understanding of the discipline or simply enrolling in a General Education course, all students will find a creative learning environment that emphasizes personal attention, critical thinking, and enhanced communication skills. The Department respects national and cultural differences, and the institutions and practices of democratic governance.


Guided by the belief that teaching, learning, and scholarship are symbiotic pursuits, the department recruits and supports faculty who are both excellent teachers and scholars; expects faculty members to be contributing members of their respective fields of specialization; and encourages collaborative research activities between faculty members and qualified students, whenever possible. Political inquiry can produce maximum development of the individual and society only when it occurs in an environment that values academic freedom, civility, diversity, and respect for the individual.


Our citizenship responsibilities to students, the University, the political science profession, and the community are fulfilled in a number of ways. Beyond communicating political knowledge to others, we are committed to taking active roles in maintaining and improving the distinct Bradley University community and the larger communities in which we live.