Alum’s passion for law takes him around the world

November 10, 2011

By Steven Johnson ’13

Ryan Hidden has accomplished a lot since graduating from Bradley University May 2010 He has successfully completed his first year of law school at New England Law in Boston and has also traveled the world to broaden his education. His journey has taken him to London, Paris and Prague.

“Traveling this summer was an amazing experience,” Hidden said. “It started with my first flight ever, from Boston to London. I enjoyed talking with the locals and even tried to do so in their own language, which was a lot of fun. I visited nine different countries over the summer with Istanbul perhaps being my favorite.

“The best part about taking the classes in Prague was the ability to interact with law students from the Czech Republic. The classes all had an International focus which is something I would likely have not access to here in the States.”

Hidden has known all his life that a law career was in his future.

“What drove me to study law was the fact that the law affects the lives of people every day,” Hidden said. “Most people aren’t sure how to handle legal problems and some people do not even realize they have legal problems or issues that can be resolved through the legal system.

“I studied political science and economics at Bradley and adding the study of law will give me a really good understanding of how the world works.”

While Hidden certainly does not regret entering the world of law, he admits that his impression of the practice has changed quite a bit.

“I have learned that all the stories about the difficulty of law school are true,” Hidden said. “There is no comparison between law school and undergrad in the level of difficulty. One really needs to manage his/her time extremely well and have the ability to be super focused.”

Hidden was recently awarded the opportunity to study in Tanzania through Seton Hall Law School. He’ll spend his winter break in the African country.

“I think the trip to Tanzania will be the best trip yet,” Hidden said. “Not only will the classes be interesting and relevant (Modern Human Slavery and Piracy) but Tanzania will be the biggest culture shock for me to date. They speak Swahili there and have a strong Arabic influence.”

While reflecting on his time at Bradley, Hidden offered some words of wisdom to other Bradley students.

“I really enjoyed my time at Bradley,” Hidden said. “I thought the professors were top notch and accessible. I would recommend that students give themselves opportunities to have new experiences and broaden their horizons.“