Featured Alumni

Hope M. Tiesman

Hope TiesmanDegree/Graduation year: B.S., Psychology, 1997
Current Employer: Federal government – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Title: Epidemiologist

My professors at Bradley gave me a solid background in research development, statistical programming skills, and scientific writing that eased my transition into graduate school at the University of South Florida. These skills not only gave me a leg up in the classroom, but also prepared me for the grueling master’s thesis process. After completing my master’s degree, I went on to the University of Iowa to earn a Ph.D. in epidemiology.

It is ‘ok’ to enter a university without your entire future and career planned out.  If you can learn about different programs and majors, all while being mentored by professors who really care about you – the end result is bound to be a positive one. While I had originally planned on getting a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, I learned about the field of epidemiology and fell in love with it. Because of my strong background in research design and development, I was able to jump into a new field with few problems.

Daniel Shore

Daniel Shore

Degree/Year: B.S., Psychology and Radio/TV, 2009
Current Employer: Temples Beth Israel and BJBE, Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute Overnight camp, and Gan Shalom Early Childhood Program; George Mason University graduate student
Title: Youth Program Coordinator; graduate student

During my four years at Bradley, I found there were no obstacles in my way as I pursued my interests. I wanted to double major in Psych and Radio/TV, and was supported by both to do so; when I wanted to continue working at an overnight summer camp, but needed a psych internship, Bradley helped me find a way to make camp the internship; and as an upperclassmen, the psychology department encouraged me to conduct my own research for my honors thesis (a VERY valuable experience and resume element!).

Following graduation, my entry job into Chicago – assistant to the baseball reporter for ESPN Radio – was actually a result of my Radio/TV background. I found, though, that this opportunity provided me with a front-row seat to watch organizational concepts at work through the interactions among players, between the coaches and team members, and even between team members and the media.

When that first Windy-city gig came to a close, I searched for my next opportunity and found it in several capacities: Program Coordinator for two organizations, a preschool teacher, AND continuing to work at camp over the summers. My Bradley experience had always empowered me to do what I loved with the perspective that every situation is meaningful.

My undergraduate resume built at Bradley, in addition to the skills I developed while in Chicago, provided me with a strong application for graduate programs. I recently accepted an offer to attend George Mason University, where I will enter into the Industrial-Organizational Psychology Ph.D. program.

To fellow alums: let’s get together soon!

To current psych students: You’re in a wonderful field with plenty of breadth. Choosing a focus by no means will limit you, as I have found I-O to only open up a new limitless range of possibilities in a framework that intrigues me. 

To prospective psych students: I encourage you to find meaning in each experience and take advantage of every chance to do research, network, and be happy. 

Sarah Cruce

Sarah CruceDegree/Graduation year: B.S., Psychology with minor in Business Management and Administration, 2006
Current Employer: Saint Louis University doctoral student; Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
Title: Doctoral candidate in clinical psychology, St. Louis University

During my time at Bradley, I channeled my passion for psychology through volunteer work as a Bradley Fellow and head of the Volunteer Network (particularly at Peoria Area Youth for Christ and The Center for Prevention of Abuse) as well as my practicum experiences as a social worker at Catholic Charities and intern at the Methodist Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit. I wanted to learn the strategies to enable greater change in the lives of youth and discovered that becoming a clinical psychologist would facilitate those goals.

I enjoy helping children and adults overcome mental health issues. I also enjoy the diversity of my work, which has included consultation, therapy, and assessment in schools, hospitals, outpatient medical, and outpatient psychology settings.

During my time at Bradley, I worked on a research project with Dr. Derek Montgomery involving preschoolers and was able to present our findings at a national psychology conference. Additionally, Dr. Dawn Roberts encouraged me to apply to the APA Summer Science Institute (held at Vanderbilt University), where I was exposed to a diverse range of topics from sensation and perception to child development. The APA SSI provided me with a broad understanding of cutting edge research in all areas of psychology.

The educational foundation I received at Bradley has provided a valuable springboard for my graduate education.