Self and Social Behavior Lab

MPA, Chicago 2011
Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago 2011


  • The overall theme of research in our lab addresses how self-evaluation, self-concept, and personality are related to social behavior.  Our research addresses a wide variety of issues and psychological constructs.
  • If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact Dr. Hermann directly. Any interested Bradley student may get involved in ongoing research.  To take the lead in a project or do an independent study, however, you need to have some prior research experience in this lab or somewhere else.


2010-2011 Lab Members and Projects

  • Anne Peters(’11): senior honors project
    • Effects of Self-Compassion Training on Psychological Health in those High and Low in Appearance Contingencies
  • Adam Sondag (‘11): independent research
    • Sociometer Theory and Self-Presentation: Modesty among Those High in Perceived Esteem
  • Hayley Skulborstad ('10): independent research
    • Buffering the Effects of Ostracism with Acceptance: The Role of Attachment Styles
  • Kristen Burkart (’12): pre-honors student
    • Self-esteem and compensatory self-presentation. The moderating role of threat domain
  • Melissa Matheys (’13), research assistant
  • Anna Murr (’13): research assistant
  • Meaghan Dunne (’11), member
  • Phil Durkee (‘13), member
  • Kim O’Leary (’13), member
  • Justine Janis (’11), member  
  • Klaudia Pajor (‘13), member
  • Brandy Payne (’11), member


2009-2010 Lab Members and Projects

  • Hayley Skulborstad ('10): independent study
  • Buffering the effects of social exclusion through self-affirmation
  • Boosting the fluency of positive self-thought fluency through rehearsal.
  • Self-Compassion, Body Image and Health Behavior.
  • Carson Cornelius ('10): independent study
  • Anne Peters ('11): independent study
  • Matt Biesen ('10): senior honors project
    • Ideal affect in Christian and Islamic culture
  • Adam Sondag: research assistant
  • Justine Janis, member
  • Allen Goebl, member
  • Ryan Henderson, member
  • Brandy Payne, member


2008-2009 Lab Members and Projects

  • Doug Bahnick ('09): independent study
    • Self-handicapping and implicit theories of intelligence
  • Michele Hart ('09): independent study
    • Self-esteem, self-compassion, and body image
  • Jill Schroeder ('09): senior honors project
    • Neuroticism and behavioral procrastination
  • Hayley Skulborstad, research assistant
  • Justine Janis, research assistant
  • Brittney Durham, member