Thank you donors

August 26, 2010

The Department of Psychology faculty and staff extend a special thank you to the donors listed below and our apologies to anyone who was inadvertently left off of the list.

  • Dr. Cherie A. Bagley
  • Ms. Patricia S. Baima
  • Mr. Richard C. Carraway
  • Dr. A. Hermann and Dr. J.L. Clore
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Deutsch
  • Ms. Kara Hokinson
  • Mr. James A. Kreiser
  • Mr. Howard P. Loiterstein
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dave Mausner
  • Ms. Mary O’Hagan-Stollberg
  • Mrs. Terry E. Price
  • Dr. David P. and Ann Schmitt
  • Dr. Carol M. Schwerha
  • Dr. Larry D. Sensenig
  • Dr. Wayne L. Weiten
  • Mr. Paul D. Wilkinson

The department’s generous friends and alumni donated a total of $4,630 over the past year. These funds support the laptop lab as well as student and faculty research. For instance, new desks and chairs were purchased for the research labs, which will be used to create standardized spaces to conduct individual- and group-based research. In addition, the department purchased new software (DirectRT), button boxes, and several new PCs, which will be used to assess reaction times for participant responses to various stimuli.

Seniors Brett Buttliere and Michelle Hartman will use this new technology in their research to assess participants’ implicit attitudes toward several types of stigmatized groups, including people living with schizophrenia and overweight individuals. These new tools will provide students with access to state-of-the-science methodologies to conduct their research.

The Department of Psychology and its students are very grateful that you think of us.

When giving to Bradley, remember you can designate all or some of your gift be given to the Psychology Department.